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Increase eCommerce sales and engagement

Shoppers try products at home in real size and buy in confidence through augmented reality, directly from the eCommerce websites of retailers. Retailers and brands take online sales to a whole new level without worrying about 3D content scalability or AR developments.

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Powering over 50,000 monthly AR & 3D product views on major eCommerce platforms.

Thanks to Augment we launched an AR feature in the Fnac eCommerce app in a matter of days, with fresh content from top brands.

François Ozanne Web & Mobile Director

time spent on the eCommerce platform

+20 to +85%
in sales conversion, depending on product category

in product returns

Magnify your products in Web 3D

3D Viewer is the perfect complement to AR, allowing shoppers to view products from any angle directly from a website or mobile app product details page.

Embedded viewer

Install our 3D viewer in less than one hour on your website and mobile apps.


Display dimensions directly on the 3D product.

Powered by 3D Viewer

Get your AR-ready 3D products fast and at an unbeatable price

Turn any assets you have into a 3D model in a record time by taking advantage of our 3D designer community.

From 2D to 3D

The 3D Factory can create a lifelike 3D model based on your product photos. Two or three pictures are usually enough to create a model.

Batch produce hundreds of models at the time

Upload a list of products you need with the required information and launch your production instantly.

Validate your model in a 3D Viewer

Access our interface to validate the work done in one click. Once validated, the model appears in your 3D Vault.

Work with your own artists

If you already have 3D designer, use the 3D Factory as a way to smoothen your production process.

Get your AR-ready 3D products fast and at an unbeatable price
Powered by 3D Factory

They increase online sales with Augment


Leading French eMerchant Cdiscount boosted online sales by up to +85% with Augment.


Microsoft got its whole range of hardware products available in AR & 3D across retailers in Europe and North America in less than a month.


Lego provides a fun, engaging and more efficient experience for kids and their parents through Augment.

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