About Augment

About Augment

Founded in 2011 with the idea of improving the online shopping experience, Augment evolved into a leading end2end scalable AR and 3D visualization and communication platform, providing solutions for hundreds of large and small clients all over the globe.

As an e-commerce solution, Augment allows customers to visualise all kinds of goods and 3D-objects in augmented reality through their smartphones and tablets at home or in their professional environment.

As a sales & marketing solution, Augment provides organisations and teams with tools to increase conversion, efficiency and commercial success reducing the need for physical travel and logistics.

As a design solution, Augment speeds up the validation process and reduces prototyping costs.

The platform is fueled by a passionate team of digital experts and professionals who share their human collaborative mission and values.

Augment is backed by Vinteor, a value-driven collaboration between Flemish-Belgian entrepreneurs and investors, and by co-founders Salesforce and individual angel investors.

Anthony Duffeleer, CEO

About Us (yes, that includes you too)

Through an amazing platform where augmented reality, 3D visualization and communication come together, we want to improve the quality of life and human connection.

Ambience, Benevolence and Cooperation are our core ABC values.

We are committed to help you make your business future-proof. By reducing the need for physical mobility and by facilitating remote communication, we help to reduce our carbon footprint and to improve our quality of life which enables an effective use of our precious time and a good work-life balance.

We would love you to pARticipate and to shARe our values.

Feel welcome to join AR Journey!

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