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Selling real estate projects trough augmented reality

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How Grupo Invercasa pre-sells a condominium project with Augment

Grupo Invercasa is a diversified investment company in Nicaragua. It has a real estate construction company, which has constructed and leased over 40,000 square meters of commercial office space. This year, the Group launched its first housing project Condominium Montesol.

Condominium Montesol targets high to mid income level clients. In order for Invercasa Group to reach those clients, their sales agents have one-on-one meetings with them. During these meetings, their sales agents use visual materials to highlight the properties’ features. They use videos, PDFs, and now they are using Augment to show 3D models of the houses.

Augment has helped the company improve the effectiveness of their sales meetings. With augmented reality, it is easier to understand the product they are selling. People can visualize what they are offering. Customers can interact with the material to see where the walls, doors, and other internal assets will be built. Augment helps bring the product to clients.

Augment also offers Invercasa Group the additional benefit of word of mouth marketing. Once sales reps show augmented reality to potential clients , it has a wow effect. People are amazed by the technology.

Invercasa Group is the first developer to use augmented reality technology for their sales activities in Nicaragua. AR has helped Invercasa Group differentiate itself from its competitors. In the future, Invercasa Group plans to use augmented reality in even more activities including for their commercial office development.


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